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Growing network.

Looking for a franchise in real estate? Time to join a network on the rise! RE/MAX Germany is growing fast, with close to 200 office nationwide. our positive momentum is working for you, as we gain more market share, more brand awareness, and more opportunities for you to grow your office with us. We are looking for businesspeople with a powerful vision – do you belong with us?

RE/MAX Germany

Joint business.

In RE/MAX we always say – be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The success of our franchisees is directly our success, so all of our resources are at your disposal. We share with you our international experience, proven methods and best practices, high end technological systems and unparalleled training – because your real estate franchise will thrive in a true win-win environment!

Internationally known brand.

We are proud to say the RE/MAX is the most recognized real estate franchising network in the world! We are the number 1 brand, and in addition (according to independent surveys) our agents are the most productive per agent. Active in more than 100 countries worldwide, we offer you a vast foundation for cooperation across the globe, and the power to serve your customers like no one else can!

Entrepreneur model.

As a real estate franchise, we have created for you a platform that every true entrepreneur would love – highly customer oriented with a great degree of financial flexibility. our customers are our agents, as we are an agent-centric network, and our franchisees enjoy a model that promotes the foundation of a lasting business, comprised of relatively controllable expenditure and endless potential for growth.

Many real estate agents.

With close to 700 network members around Germany, we are big – and getting bigger by the day! our total number of network members works in your benefit not only through the exponential growth in brand awareness and market share, but also through the potential to refer customers all across the nation, and receive referrals – which can dramatically influence your bottom line!

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