We love to collaborate!

Business within the network among real estate agents? Yes, you read it correctly. Because we believe: all resources must be consolidated, so that you can experience a perfect service as an owner or prospective buyer.

But what does that mean precisely? Each individual RE/MAX broker is in contact with each of his fellow RE/MAX colleagues worldwide: through our broker software that automatically matches new real estate in our portfolio with all scheduled search customers. And everyone benefits when our system detects match because as we bring together faster, what belongs together, and are thus able to significantly reduce the required times.

There are many scenarios where the worldwide presence of RE/MAX can be highly beneficial for you locally. Maybe the ideal buyer for your condo in Frankfurt is a buyer from Denmark, who needs to travel to the big city because of a job offer? Or you would like to purchase a holiday cottage in Tuscany, but are not familiar with the current market situation and don't speak any Italian? Wherever people and real estate should come together: RE/MAX is already present on-site, and will ensure a reliable service through local market knowledge.

Therefore, you will only need a single point of contact at RE/MAX: Your local real estate agent, who knows you personally and is able to provide you with the services you need. He is able to utilize the full performance capability of the network for you, and initiate the respective processes - if necessary worldwide.

By the way: We also love to conduct business transactions with real estate agents, who do not work for RE/MAX! We welcome every colleague, for whom the satisfaction of this customers is of key importance. We will gladly exchange information about real estate and interested parties in accordance with the common business practice code of the Real Estate Association of Germany (IVD).

Would you like to meet your local RE/MAX Realtor in person? Then getting contact with him! 

Take the first step: we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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