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We know from experience: Every piece of real estate is unique, and deserves a personal and individualized service to support its sale. Owners of the real estate for sale often have an emotional attachment to the property - and sometimes even have very specific plans of what they intend to do with the proceeds of the sale, thus creating a certain amount of deadline pressure.

Perhaps the right sales price is a crucial factor, maybe discretion is very important to you, or you just want to rest assured that your home will be in good hands. In other words: Your needs as the owner are just as individual as your home. Here is where your RE/MAX real estate agent can support you professionally: with lots of experience, know-how and neutral expertise, he will advise you throughout this important process. Because often your prospective buyers are well informed, and have a solid knowledge regarding the location, amenities, building material, and the price developments. It is therefore all the more important, that your real estate is showcased and marketed properly. Because there is no second chance to leave a first impression (and the best possible purchase price)!

Your RE/MAX real estate agent can support you during all stages of the sales process:

Personal Agent Support

Market value analysis.

The right offer price is essential for the sales success: if it's too high, this will significantly extend the marketing period, and lead to low sales proceeds. If it's too low, you as the owner could risk giving away money. We can analyze your real estate as well as the market, and thereby also include other current real estate offers into the evaluation. Feel free to contact us for an initial no-obligation consultation!

Professional Agents

Professional preparation.

A competent contact partner to address all questions from the prospective buyers, and pleasantly designed viewing appointments are of vital importance for the further course of the negotiations. We know exactly what questions are frequently asked by interested parties - and we will address them competently. We will adapt the viewing appointments to the requirements of the respective interested parties, and determine if a buyer is financially able to purchase your real estate by utilizing data such as credit information. Therefore we need all the necessary information and documents prior to the sales activities kick-off, in order to optimally showcase the highlights of your real estate, and to be prepared for possible objections. This will enable us to act reliably on your behalf.

Best Mix of Marketing Activities

Reliable marketing.

By utilizing the full spectrum of our advertising activities, your RE/MAX real estate agent will generate requests for your sales offering. Thereby, we will be permanently available for you as well as for the interested parties, and manage the organizational activities, preparation and execution of the on-site appointments, and immediately filter out "not seriously interested buyers". An overview of our marketing activities can be obtained from our marketing plan.

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