About RE/MAX

The RE/MAX corporate philosophy: Everybody Wins!

A professional work culture is the basic prerequisite for the RE/MAX maxim: "independent, but not alone". Through this, every member of the RE/MAX family can focus this on his very own contribution: whether it's the Regional Director, who advises and coaches the franchise holders; the franchise holder, who recruits and motivates a team; or the franchise broker who provides a high level of customer-oriented performance in his professional field. To empower every RE/MAX agent to provide the highest proficiency degree of customer-oriented services in their professional field, every agent is professionally trained, and also receives a personal coaching.

This also creates the foundation for a consistent growth and sustained development, because everyone participates and carries the responsibility for his own success. In a work environment where every individual applies his full capacity to his area of responsibility, everyone can rely on their colleagues being equally committed to their work, thus creating an environment of mutual support.

The principle of the maximum share of the commission also ensures that success is adequately rewarded and performance highly valued. At RE/MAX, you will work in your own company, and set your own goals with your personal business plan. This allows you to develop your business on exactly the level that corresponds to your personality and your talents. Thereby you'll be able to implement your own ideas and visions in a creative and innovative manner - and still always rely on proven strategies and an individual consulting through the RE/MAX network.

Ultimately, it is the "Code of ethics", which defines and profoundly shapes RE/MAX. This industry-wide unique code of conduct is a mandatory behavior guideline for everyone at RE/MAX, and therefore a commitment to values such as honesty, fairness and accountability. The common demand: to only aspire the highest standards.