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As the owner, you are surely able to search for a tenant by yourself, e. g. through real estate sites on the internet or through the newspaper. But can you also reliably determine the attainable rent amount, create a powerful exposé, and prepare a legally sound rental agreement? Possibly you simply want to avoid the effort of having to coordinate dozens of emails, phone calls and appointments, and rather apply your time to pursue more pleasant activities.

Utilize the support of your RE/MAX real estate agent for your next rental project, and effectively save time and money. We will competently and reliably manage your next tenant change: upon request, from the acceptance of the apartment from the previous tenant, all the way up to the handover to the new one.

RE/MAX is your reliable partner for the rental
of your real estate:

Personal Agent Support

We rent out quickly.

RE/MAX brokers the most real estate worldwide. Each individual RE/MAX broker cooperates with every other RE/MAX broker within the network. Thus, we quickly bring together, what belongs together: People and real estate.

Professional Agents

We present flawlessly.

Whether it's the high-quality real estate photography or a processed floor plan - we can optimally present your real estate in every kind of media you would like to include in the marketing.

Best Mix of Marketing Activities

We are personally committed.

All RE/MAX agents operate independently, and are only compensated on a commission basis after the successful rental contract conclusion. This means: Your success is our success! This motivation is also the reason why we attain top notch positions in customer surveys.

Our service package includes the following services:

• A current market analysis of your real estate
• Joint definition of your preferred tenant
• Matching with all search requests within the entire RE/MAX network
• Creation and preparation of appealing photos
• Examination and preparation of professional floor plans
• Creation of a legally-compliant energy certificate in cooperation with professional partners
• Creation of a professional exposé to support the sales efforts
• Tips for the optimal real estate presentation
• Customized marketing with signs, ads, flyers, neighborhood events etc.
• Presence on real estate sites, as well as on the website
• Collaboration with other real estate broker firms
• Pre-screening of all the interested parties via telephone and personal meeting
• Qualification of all interested parties through a credit check and self-assessment
• Presentation of suitable candidates with significant documents
• Consultation and implementation of all on-site visits
• Rental agreement preparation according to current contract templates
• Upon request, recommendation of an insurance against loss of rent and rental damages
• Creation of the handover protocol
• Assistance for the registration of the meter readings
• Regular reports on the current status of the activities
• Continuous follow-up support

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