10 reasons that speak for a career with RE/MAX.

Are you already an entrepreneur or want to become one? Whether as a real estate agent or a franchise holder, and thus the owner of your own RE/MAX real estate office: there are many good reasons to join the global RE/MAX network. Here are just a few.

Your benefits with RE/MAX


Global presence.

RE/MAX is present in over 100 countries, and brokers the most real estate worldwide. Each individual RE/MAX broker is part of the big and reliable professional network. And the traits that make us a great and trustworthy international brand, will provide you with the very specific advantages to build your business locally - for example our extensive database of real estate and customers, which can be accessed by any broker.


Professional training.

A solid training is a matter of course. No matter whether you want to join our company as a franchise broker or as a franchise holder: our certified training program which is coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as our academic partnerships, will provide a solid foundation for your career.


Fair Business.

A fair interaction - this is a key aspect for most people, when they are asked what they expect from a real estate broker. Every single one of our brokers is committed to fully comply with the RE/MAX Fair Business rules. This applies to the behavior exhibited towards customers, colleagues within the RE/MAX network, business partners, and even towards competitors.



You will benefit from a vast team of broker colleagues, who will gladly share their knowledge and experience with you. This won't just provide you with an access to all the RE/MAX real estate worldwide, as it will also facilitate a revenue increase through business transactions within the community.


Expert area.

The direct contact on-site is a priceless aspect for customers - and provide you with the opportunity to position yourself as the local real estate expert. Local knowledge in connection with a global access will make you a valued consultant and service provider.


Continuous growth.

Since its founding in 1973, is RE/MAX network has been able to grow consistently. Today there are more than 100,000 RE/MAX real estate agents worldwide, in nearly 100 countries. And the ever-increasing brand awareness is the ideal catalyst for your local business.


Marketing and advertising.

The modern corporate design will ensure the proper attention and a high degree of popularity. The RE/MAX balloon is a well known trademark worldwide. We will also support you with modern marketing materials, event formats and cooperation partners for all important areas of your operation.


Shop concept.

The RE/MAX shop concept greatly simplifies the effort required to establish the own real estate office. From business furniture to sophisticated presentation systems, all the way up to the visuals and lighting, you will receive everything you need from a single source, and through this achieve a powerful external perception.


Capital base.

Clearly: the first steps towards the self-employment will cost money. At RE/MAX, you'll bem investing into the business model of a future market, and receive your income from multiple sources. Through our established network and our intelligent business plan, the investment phase will remain manageable for you.


Self-employed, but not alone!

RE/MAX is there for you - with a team of friendly colleagues who will support you every step of the way, and where everyone started out just like you. The proven business model has also been successfully applied in Germany for decades, and will provide you with security. Additionally, numerous RE/MAX events will give you the opportunity to network and steadily increase your knowledge by utilizing the community.