There are many reasons for the appraisal of real estate - which will determine the approach of a professional real estate agent or appraiser. Because only a transparent and comprehensible appraisal will provide you as the owner with a realistic valuation result. Incidentally, there is hardly a factor which is as crucial for the sale of real estate as the optimal pricing: If the ideal sales price not determined from the very start, this could significantly affect the marketing period and the achievable sales price.

There are numerous aspects which must be considered during the real estate appraisal:

• What is the condition of the real estate, based on the age, amenities and size?
• Is the real estate in a good location, and what is the quality of the environment and infrastructure?
• What is the current state of the market situation and real estate availability on-site?
• What returns are possible for a rental?
• Which structural change are legally allowed?
• What needs to be renovated or will become acute in the near future?

Your RE/MAX real estate agent can reliably answer these and many other questions based on his experience. He will visit the property with you, acquire all the appraisal-relevant data and collect comparison values based on his market knowledge. Through this, RE/MAX will determine the best selling price for your real estate in a professional and comprehensible manner.

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At RE/MAX the appraisal will of course be free of charge, if you contract us to market your real estate.

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