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Success knows no national borders.

RE/MAX has become more and more established in recent years. Both the number of brokers and the number of locations have increased continuously.

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RE/MAX locations in Germany.

RE/MAX has been active in Germany since 1995. With more than 900 real estate agents in over 200 offices, RE/MAX Germany has established itself as a large and daily growing network in the German market. Through the international cooperation of real estate agents and franchisees, RE/MAX members throughout Germany as well as beyond the country’s borders have the opportunity to increase their market share. This advantage can have an enormous impact on growth and profits.

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The RE/MAX network in Europe.

With over 29,000 real estate agents and 2,000 offices in more than 40 countries, RE/MAX sets the standard for professional real estate brokerage in Europe. The RE/MAX brand stands for integrity, industry leadership and excellent customer service.

+40 Countries       +2.000 Offices        +29.000 Brokers

Location growth.

As part of the continuous expansion course, the number of locations was increased, thus expanding the brand’s presence in Germany. It is now established at more than 200 locations.


Broker growth.

The number of real estate agents working under the RE/MAX Germany brand has been growing continuously for years and has more than doubled since 2005.

The RE/MAX network worldwide.

The global networking of the real estate network is what makes RE/MAX so successful.
With over 110 countries, 8,300 offices and around 130,000 brokers, it is one of the largest real estate broker networks in the world.

+110 Countries   +8.300 Offices    +130.000 Brokers