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Respect and appreciation in thinking and acting are self-evident for us. The supporting element of our corporate philosophy is our Code of Ethics, which was established by RE/MAX Europe on August 1, 1994. The code of honor applies to all franchisees and brokers not only in relation to other colleagues in the network, but also in relation to their customers, business partners and competitors. It conveys the ethical principles to which all RE/MAX members are bound from the beginning, but without abrogating the independence of each member.

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This Code of Ethics has been established by RE/MAX Europe. It is intended to serve the ethical and professional conduct of the RE/MAX real estate organization. All Regional Directors, Franchisees and Brokers of RE/MAX Europe (hereinafter referred to as “RE/MAX Members”) are bound by the provisions of this Code of Ethics and have agreed to abide by its provisions and follow the spirit of the Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics shall govern the conduct of RE/MAX Members and their conduct toward other business partners (hereinafter referred to as “Real Estate Professionals”). RE/MAX Europe expresses its hope that this Code of Ethics will serve as a guide for all RE/MAX Members to conduct their business in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the RE/MAX organization and ensure that RE/MAX is recognized throughout the public and the real estate community as a real estate organization that conducts itself ethically and professionally and has outstanding knowledge, experience and achievements.

Appointment book and application

The RE/MAX code of ethics.

Article 1

All RE/MAX Members are encouraged to be informed of all important matters affecting the real estate business in their community, city, county or state.

Article 2

All RE/MAX Affiliates shall be familiar with relevant laws (including, without limitation, unfair competition laws), ordinances, regulations, customs, standards and practices affecting the real estate business in their community, city, county or state.

Article 3

All RE/MAX Members agree to participate in regular training and continuing education and/or informational events

in terms of technology, tools, capabilities and other matters related to

Participate with their career in real estate to advance their career.

Article 4

All RE/MAX Members agree to discourage such practices in real estate transactions in their community that may be detrimental to the public or bring discredit to the real estate profession. In this regard, litigation shall be pursued by RE/MAX Members only when absolutely necessary and unavoidable and other means of dispute resolution have failed.

Article 5

No RE/MAX Member shall obtain an unfair advantage over another in the real estate business


Article 6

In the conduct of their business, notwithstanding Article 4, all RE/MAX Affiliates shall endeavor to avoid disputes

with others active in the real estate sector.

Article 7

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall publicly disparage the business practices of another Real Estate Professional or express an opinion of his or her own accord concerning the business activities of another Real Estate Professional. If a RE/MAX Affiliate is asked to express an opinion and such RE/MAX Affiliate deems it appropriate to express such opinion, such opinion shall be expressed with professional restraint and courtesy.

Article 8

RE/MAX Members serve and protect the interests of their clients while treating all parties involved in a business transaction fairly.

Article 9

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall deceive any seller, any buyer, any person engaged in the business of real estate, or any party to a transaction, or engage in any deceptive practice in the conduct of its business.

Article 10

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall exaggerate, make inaccurate statements, or disclose pertinent facts relating to a conveyance. In doing so, the Member must point out defects known to him or her that materially affect the value of a property or its intended use. However, RE/MAX Members are not required to disclose latent defects in real property or to advise with respect to such matters beyond their expertise.

Article 11

All RE/MAX Affiliates are required to provide true and accurate information in their advertising or in statements made to the public and not to mislead the public in any way.

Article 12

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall acquire – for himself/herself, a member of his/her family, his/her firm or its employees, or any business in which he/she has substantial ownership interest – any interest in real property which he/she is engaged to sell or purchase without disclosing his/her true position to the seller. In the sale of any real property owned by or in which the RE/MAX Affiliate has an ownership interest, the RE/MAX Affiliate shall so disclose to the buyer.

Article 13

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall advise a client to approach an organization or business in which he or she has a financial interest without disclosing that interest to the client at the time of the recommendation.

Article 14

All RE/MAX Members are encouraged to recommend that their clients obtain legal counsel when the client’s best interest requires it.

Article 15

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall deny equal professional services to any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin. No RE/MAX Affiliate shall participate in any action or agreement the purpose of which is to discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Article 16

Each RE/MAX Affiliate is required to render at least such degree of competent service as is ordinarily expected of the public in doing business with one engaged in the real estate business. No RE/MAX Member shall provide advice on matters beyond his or her expertise.

Article 17

Any RE/MAX Affiliate representing a buyer is encouraged to report such relationship to the real estate professional representing the seller at the first available opportunity.

Article 18

With respect to unlisted properties, RE/MAX Members representing a buyer are encouraged to report such relationship to the seller at the first available opportunity.

Article 19

Any RE/MAX Affiliate representing a Seller is encouraged to disclose this relationship to Buyers at the first available opportunity.

Article 20

Until a transaction is closed, all RE/MAX Members are required to submit all offers of sale to the buyer as soon as possible and in an objective and unbiased manner.

Article 21

RE/MAX Members are encouraged to communicate an accepted offer to a broker or salesperson seeking cooperation.

Article 22

RE/MAX Members shall not enter into any arrangement whereby they receive compensation in the particular transaction from more than one party unless all other parties are aware of it.

Article 23

RE/MAX Members are required to maintain a separate bank account for the amounts they hold in trust for

have for others.

Article 24

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall solicit or permit any person employed by or otherwise associated with him/her to solicit any property for sale without disclosing that such business is being handled by a RE/MAX real estate office.

Article 25

Signs indicating that a property is for sale, lease, exchange or rental may not be

not be installed without the consent of the owner.

Article 26

Only if the RE/MAX Affiliate was the listing broker or salesperson may the listing broker or salesperson state that he or she “sold” the property, even if the sale was made with the assistance of another real estate professional. After the transaction is completed, however, the commissioned broker or salesperson may not prohibit cooperating brokers or salespersons from indicating their “cooperation,” “participation,” or “assistance” in the transaction or from making similar statements.

Article 27

RE/MAX Affiliates shall, to the extent possible, ensure that all financial obligations and commitments between Licensees and their clients with respect to real estate transactions are in writing, that the exact understanding between the parties is expressed, and that the understanding otherwise complies with legal requirements.

Article 28

If any party to a transaction signs or initial any instrument, the RE/MAX

Members to ensure that the parties receive a copy of any such signed or initialed instrument.

Article 29

In the case of transactions carried out by means of cooperation, the entire remuneration payable on the basis of the transaction shall be paid to the office for which the real estate professional works and not to the individual real estate professional.

Article 30

Negotiations with respect to a property with which a real estate professional is exclusively entrusted shall be conducted with the real estate professional and not with the owner of the property, unless the real estate professional gives its consent thereto.

Article 31

RE/MAX Members acting as the exclusive agent of a buyer are encouraged to clearly define the terms of offers to cooperate. Collaborating brokers and salespersons cannot assume that an offer to collaborate includes compensation. The commissioned or cooperating broker or salesperson must negotiate his or her compensation before the property is offered for sale.

Article 32

A RE/MAX Affiliate who receives information from a commissioned broker or salesperson that a property is for sale shall not disclose such information to, or offer to cooperate with, a third party broker or salesperson without the consent of the commissioned broker or salesperson.

Article 33

RE/MAX Affiliates may contact clients of other Real Estate Professionals to offer to provide, or to contract for the provision of, a Real Estate Service that is different from the service then being provided by the other Real Estate Professional.

Article 34

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall seek to be retained if, at that time, the property in question is being retained solely by another real estate professional. This shall not prevent a RE/MAX Affiliate from seeking such assignment after the original assignment has expired. In addition, if the commissioned broker or salesperson refuses to disclose the nature and/or end date of the commission, a RE/MAX Affiliate may contact the salesperson to obtain such information and may negotiate the terms upon which a commission may occur in the future or may agree to a commission which shall become effective upon expiration of the existing sole commission.

Article 35

If an owner contacts a RE/MAX broker for the sale of his or her property, the sale of which he or she has already retained another real estate broker to handle on his or her own, and the RE/MAX broker has not taken the initiative to do so, either directly or indirectly, the RE/MAX broker may negotiate the terms on which an assignment may subsequently take place or agree to an assignment that will take effect upon expiration of the existing sole assignment.

Article 36

No RE/MAX Affiliate shall solicit, in person or over the telephone, any property owner who knows that he or she has retained the services of another real estate professional to sell his or her property.

Article 37

No RE/MAX Affiliate may send mail or other written solicitations to property owners who have retained agents solely to sell their property – if such solicitations are not part of a general mailing, but are sent specifically to property owners who have retained another agent exclusively to sell their property.

Article 38

Prior to an assignment, RE/MAX Members have an express obligation to determine whether another effective exclusive assignment currently exists with respect to the property in question. Violations of the Code of Ethics will be dealt with by RE/MAX Europe in an appropriate and equitable manner. Violations of the Code of Ethics may also constitute violations of certain contractual agreements, which may result in the expulsion of the RE/MAX Affiliate from the RE/MAX organization. The provisions of this Code of Ethics shall at all times be governed by applicable law. If any provision of the Code of Ethics conflicts with applicable law, the applicable law shall govern. This Code of Ethics may be amended from time to time by RE/MAX Europe. With the consent of RE/MAX Europe, this Code of Ethics may also be amended by a Regional Director for use in a particular region to conform to the customs and practices of Real Estate Professionals in that region.

Our "Code of Ethics"

Last but not least, it is the “Code of Ethics” that distinguishes and deeply shapes RE/MAX. Everyone at RE/MAX is committed to this code, which is unique in the industry, and is thus committed to values such as honesty, fairness and responsibility. The common claim to orientate only to the highest standards.