Reliably rent out residential real estate.

Regular rental income secures the return on a rented property and also contributes to a comprehensive retirement provision. Long-term tenancies with satisfied tenants are ideal. This in turn presupposes that the residential property is in an appropriate condition. So there are many aspects to consider, which our RE/MAX brokers will gladly take care of for you.

Moving into an appartment

Publish exposés with reliable data in a targeted manner.

First, we assess the value of the properties to be rented in order to be able to propose a rent in line with the market. All relevant factors, such as condition, size and location of the property, but also the demand and the rent index are taken into account. As soon as all requirements are met, our RE/MAX brokers professionally photograph the apartment or house. From this, we create exposés with all the data and facts about the property — including the energy certificate, of course. Thus potential tenants can make themselves as fast as possible a good impression of the premises and facilitate the decision of the prospective customers. Of course, we publish these carefully prepared documents in our network.

Real estate tour

Reviewing applicants and conducting site visits.

If interested parties contact us, we record their data – and above all check their creditworthiness: The most important thing is that you generate your rental income reliably. After all, the security of a real estate project depends on regular incoming payments. It goes without saying that we adhere to the legal regulations in this regard: We ask interested parties for common proofs, such as:

  • the completion of a self-disclosure form,
  • the submission of a current SCHUFA self-disclosure and
  • A certificate of freedom from rental debt.

A sure instinct is required here – and this is something we demonstrate in every case.

You decide whether you want to participate in the inspections organized by us – or leave the matter to us. We are optimally prepared for all questions by the evaluation, know all peculiarities of the object and can therefore professionally answer all questions. At the same time we use this opportunity to get a personal impression of the respective prospective tenant and to give you a recommendation.

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