Rent commercial property

Protect yourself from the pitfalls of commercial tenancy law.

Finding a suitable commercial property in a lucrative environment can be more challenging than finding a rental property. Local markets often vary in design and are not infrequently very difficult to survey. And, of course, not every commercial property can meet the specific requirements that are essential to your business. Professional commercial real estate agents are not only familiar with the structural and technical characteristics of each property, they will also save you from the pitfalls of freely negotiable commercial lease laws. We will give you three valid reasons why you will find your optimal commercial property faster with us.

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1. Local market knowledge:

The commercial property that suits your business.

A qualified commercial real estate agent knows the local market and its customs. He knows which conditions are negotiable and which price levels are common. At the same time, a good commercial real estate agent always keeps his business knowledge in mind during the search: What does the commercial property have to be like? Which location would be the first choice for your company, which would still be tolerable, which would not work at all? Which cost limit must not be exceeded under any circumstances from a business point of view? And finally: What basic requirements must the property meet in terms of utilization options, notice periods and possible protection against competition?

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2. Functioning network:

Attractive objects with location advantage.

Whether you are looking for office space or practice rooms, a store or a warehouse – the search can be time-consuming and interfere with your actual business activities. We maintain a well-established network and maintain intensive contacts with building authorities, city planners and architects, so that we learn very early about planned or recently completed construction projects. This enables us to offer you attractive commercial properties that will give you a locational advantage over your competitors.

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3. Commercial tenancy law:

Use it to your advantage.

Unless you’re dealing with it professionally, German commercial tenancy law is a high-risk proposition. Unlike residential tenancy law, it is hardly subject to any restrictions: It is freely negotiable. For you as a commercial tenant, this means that you have to determine every detail of your lease individually. For this reason, there are no standard contracts to guide you, so you should definitely seek professional help to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises later on. Precise information about the purpose of the lease and the amount of rent, the lease term and notice periods, as well as a precise definition of the rights of use are elementary. It is also advisable to specify the scope of use of the property, the amount of operating costs, and renovation and maintenance obligations.
Conversely, the free negotiability of a commercial lease agreement naturally also opens up a certain amount of leeway for an experienced commercial real estate agent to introduce regulations to your advantage. Here, too, you can rely on the seasoned experience and professional expertise of a qualified RE/MAX commercial real estate agent.