DAVEit - the digital quotation process.

The fair form of pricing real estate.

As the market leader in real estate brokerage in Germany, we are known for pioneering innovations. With this unique product, we can expand the added value for our customers even further. RE/MAX’s digital offer process, known as DAVEit for short, will make fair pricing – for both sellers and buyers – more transparent, faster and easier in the future.


We know from our customers:

Real estate sellers want assurance that they are not selling their property below value.

Buyers do not want to pay too much for their dream property, or transparency in the purchase price.

Here RE/MAX offers with DAVEit the optimal solution and provides for the fact that the offer submission for the desire real estate runs off at a fair price, transparently and surely.



How does DAVEit – the digital bidding process – work?

After the prospective buyers have inspected the desired property with their RE/MAX broker, all relevant information is discussed and explained during a personal consultation. The prospective buyers then receive an e-mail inviting them to the digital offer process, i.e. to DAVEit, and can then submit their purchase offers conveniently and stress-free online.

The competent and professional consultation by the RE/MAX broker remains thereby from the beginning to the conclusion and beyond naturally further. However, the offer is no longer made on paper, but online with DAVEit. Depending upon which DAVEit procedure was selected by the salesman with the real estate, the prospective buyers have with the “closed DAVEit procedure” or the “open DAVEit procedure” two possibilities for the offer delivery.

Closed DAVEit process:

Each interested party can submit exactly one offer online. Offer prices are not visible to anyone until the end of the offer period – not even to the broker.

After the offer period, the seller receives all offers.

Open DAVEit procedure:

Each interested party may submit or raise a bid as often as they wish.

All anonymized offers can be viewed openly and transparently by everyone at all times.

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This is DAVEit.

In combination with the professional offer of the RE/MAX brokers DAVEit offers an added value, which is not yet offered in this form by any real estate company in Germany. The offer prices of the prospective buyers reflect the current market situation and contribute thus crucially to a transparent and fair price determination. Through DAVEit it is also possible to consult with the family at home in peace and quiet before submitting the offer. The purchase offer can then be submitted online conveniently and securely without any time pressure, within the offer period. And sellers have the guarantee that the best possible buyer will be found among all interested parties.

DAVEit is online, innovative, secure and fair and inspires our customers from the first minute.

You too can experience the new world of real estate.

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Advantages for sellers:

What remains ...

Services such as a free market value assessment from an expert, the professional preparation of the property, the collection of all documents relevant to the sale, the preparation of a marketing plan, the promotion of the property through various channels, access to the broker network and the acceptance of time-consuming viewing appointments are, of course, still a matter of course for us.


New with DAVEit ...

Fair pricing, because DAVEit allows all interested parties to be included, regardless of whether 5 or 50 interested parties want to submit purchase offers. The question “Did I sell too cheap?” therefore no longer arises.
The current market situation determines the price.
DAVEit speeds up the process, saving you as a seller time and often money.
The freedom to conclude contracts remains intact for you as the seller.
A fee is also due with DAVEit only in the case of a successful mediation.
DAVEit is available in Germany exclusively only at RE/MAX.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

RE/MAX offers you the opportunity to take advantage of a non-binding and free consultation appointment.

We will inform you about possible challenges when selling your property and can also support you in the further process to make sure that you really sell at the best possible price.