Real estate sales:

Successfully market residential real estate.

Real estate sales are multifaceted, require careful planning and should be well prepared — after all, large sums of money are moved and far-reaching decisions are made. If you want to sell your property quickly and at the best possible price, we recommend a systematic approach. In our experience, a little effort in the run-up pays off in any case — here are our tips for a successful real estate sale.

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1. Real estate valuation as a resilient basis.

The basis for every real estate sale should be a well-founded valuation. Only then will you know what price you can go to market with and prevent a loss from the start. If you ask too high a price at the beginning, you will scare off interested parties — if you choose too low a price, you will sell your property below value. So it makes sense to rely on a reliable basis.

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2. Home staging as an optimization measure.

Already for the valuation we need a whole range of documents and records on the property, for the sale everything should be available completely. In addition, we create floor plans and high-quality photos for the exposé, which present your property authentically. A useful addition can be virtual 360-degree tours. In this way, we can give interested parties access to your property without them having to be on site. Thanks to the virtual tour, you can subsequently conduct viewings with prospective buyers who are really seriously interested.

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3. Creation of professional sales documents.

Depending on the type and character of the property, we select the appropriate sales channels. Of course, we also involve our extensive network in order to exhaust all possibilities for you. Even the comparison with our database, in which we store and check search requests, yields a few hits. As soon as further inquiries come in, our RE/MAX brokers sound them out for you.

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4. Integration of all common sales channels.

If it is purposeful, we recommend modern marketing strategies, such as home staging: Specialists take a look at your property and then use color, light and furnishings to create a coherent picture. The result: your property is presented in a much more buyer-friendly way, which not only speeds up the process, but experience shows that it also improves the result.

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5. On-site visits and negotiations.

We present the documents of the interested parties to you in order to then organize and carry out the on-site inspections in consultation with you. Here we address the individual sensitivities of the interested parties and present the property comprehensively.

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6. Notarization

But also the contract of sale needs to be prepared carefully in order to pass the notary appointment successfully — we will support you in this step as well.