Investments with RE/MAX.

Real estate is a secure investment as a stable asset. Not only do they have a long service life, but with prudent care they can even increase in value over the years. Demand for real estate has increased significantly in recent years, which is reflected not least in the price level. This makes it all the more important to carefully examine the key data of an investment property — here, too, you can rely on our professional support.

New housing estate


Investing successfully in real estate.

Our current offers give you an overview of the versatile possibilities that can open up with such an investment. Take a look at the other categories as well. Single-family houses and apartments can be just as attractive investment properties as land or commercial properties.

A large selection of investment properties.

Whether commercially used real estate or rented apartment buildings — you will find a wide variety of investment properties in our selection. With each individual offer you should pay attention to some important aspects, which affect the profitability lastingly. Of course, our local RE/MAX brokers are also available for a comprehensive consultation to discuss the relevant points in detail.

Legal advice


The most beautiful property is of no use to you as an investment if it does not earn an acceptable rent: Therefore, check whether all the apartments in the property are rented – – and above all, how the rental agreement was agreed. We are happy to be your contact for relevant questions.



Look at the investment property from the perspective of potential tenants: Does the property bring everything modern tenants are looking for? Important aspects here are, for example:

  • the transport connection
  • the shopping facilities
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Green areas, playgrounds and the scenic surroundings
  • the doctor’s offices and pharmacies
  • the noise pollution caused by roads, rail traffic, aircraft or commercial operations

Depending on the specific type of investment property, different requirements may of course be important for you and for potential tenants. The important thing is that you have optimal opportunities for renting.