Open your own real estate office:

Succeed with RE/MAX's best practice tools.

With more than 200 real estate offices throughout Germany, RE/MAX is one of the fastest-growing franchisors in the German real estate market. The brand with the distinctive red, white and blue hot air balloon enjoys a worldwide reputation and is active in more than 110 countries. One reason, if not the decisive one, for the global success of the network is the consistent professionalization of the brokerage market. That means: RE/MAX sets on highest training standards and a customer-oriented service system. Committed entrepreneurs benefit from a best-practice toolbox and a first-class technical infrastructure. If you see your professional future in self-employment, but may still shy away from the full risk, opening a real estate office under the RE/MAX flag may be a viable alternative.

RE/MAX Franchisee:

Self-employed as part of an efficient network.

As a RE/MAX franchisee, you are an independent entrepreneur who determines the success of your business through commitment and expertise. At the same time, you are also part of a large network that provides you with the background for your work. In concrete terms, this means that you will receive all the tools necessary to set up and run a modern real estate services company. This starts with an appealing store interior with expressive window dressing and extends to the installation of a tried and tested brokerage software and the connection to the company’s own intranet, as well as favorable conditions for advertising measures and any suppliers you may need. This equipment supports you with your successful business activity and strengthens thereby again the mark RE/MAX.

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Continuing education and training:

Equipping for the premium position in the local market.

How well do you already know business planning and forms? What do you know about building and expanding your business, profitability and team building and development? After completing the training that RE/MAX offers for office owners and franchise partners, you will be able to answer all questions with confidence. It is in the franchisor’s own interest to provide sufficient training and support to its partners. Therefore, the basic seminars include additional instruction in market analysis and professional interviewing, but also practical guides for the selection, briefing and coaching of your future broker team.

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Brand awareness:

Door opener for new customer acquisition.

With the decision for a RE/MAX franchise you decide at the same time for the probably most well-known real estate franchise world-wide. This gives you a reputation in your local environment right from the start that would otherwise have taken you a very long time to achieve. The awareness of the brand with the red-white-blue hot-air balloon paves many ways for you to acquire new real estate properties and win new customers. The connection to the internal network – and thus to experienced colleagues – can help you solve unusual problems in many situations. It also enables you to cooperate on projects that are best handled as joint business.

Talk to us if you are interested in opening a real estate office as a franchisee of RE/MAX Germany. Bring along a great affinity for real estate, a lot of commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. We will take care of the rest.