Find exactly the apartment you are looking for with RE/MAX.

You are facing a new professional challenge and are now looking for a suitable rental apartment at your new place of work in a timely manner? Or would you like to invest your existing capital in a condominium that will primarily generate a good return? Are you planning to retire in a barrier-free, newly built apartment? Whatever scenario applies to you, our local RE/MAX real estate agents can make you an attractive offer from our extensive portfolio of apartments. For rent or purchase, as an investment or for owner-occupancy.

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Modern apartment or 3-room old building?

Find exactly the apartment you are looking for.

RE/MAX brokers are deeply rooted in the local market and maintain trustworthy contacts through a close-knit network. That is why you can find your preferred, renovated 3-room apartment in the city, the apartment in a central location or the 4- or 5-room apartment for your family on the outskirts of the city in the midst of spacious green areas faster and more easily with us. Simply contact your local RE/MAX broker.

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Apartment or house:

These are the advantages of an apartment.

By buying or renting an apartment, you basically enter into lower obligations. This primarily concerns financial aspects: An apartment is generally less expensive than a house. If you also want to remain flexible, are still anticipating career leaps and/or possible changes in location, or are not yet planning a family – then it may make more sense to choose an apartment over a house. But even if the exact opposite is the case and you are just thinking about retirement and a change of location is no longer an option – even then, a modern, barrier-free apartment in a pleasant living environment offers you the quality of life you have been looking for in your old age.

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Buy or rent:

It all depends on the individual priorities!

The decision to buy or rent depends largely on individual circumstances and, of course, financial resources. As a tenant you have fixed monthly costs, as an owner you have to build up reserves for sudden repairs. As a tenant you can simply use your apartment, everything else is taken care of by the property management. As an owner, you have to pay the manager appointed by the owners’ meeting and contribute to the maintenance of the common property. But: As an owner, you benefit in the long term from a continuously growing asset value. If you would like advice on condominiums, contact your local RE/MAX broker directly. Thanks to our broker and office search, you will find your RE/MAX contact in your area.