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Plots for your project.

If you want to buy a plot of land, you will find a wide selection here at RE/MAX. At your local RE/MAX broker you will find different types of land for your building project.

Planung eines Neubaus

Important factors when buying plots.

Plots for your project.

In addition to the level of development of the property, you should keep a few other factors in mind to make a viable decision:


Development plan and uses.

First of all, it should be clear in what form a property may be used at all. Here there are the following classifications:

  • a use for residential purposes
  • general use for residential purposes — practices and small stores are possible
  • Mixed use for residential and commercial purposes — however, residential use shall not be significantly disturbed
  • Commercial use
  • The development plan provides information on the possible uses.
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Location and size.

Ideas about the perfect location naturally vary widely: while some developers prefer a quiet residential area, others want to build as centrally located as possible. Other aspects can include the proximity of kindergartens and schools, as well as transport links, the distance to shopping facilities and, of course, the distance to the workplace. Equally wide-ranging are the requirements in terms of plot size. Sort the available offers according to your individual criteria — this way you will quickly reach your goal.

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Local brokers at your side.

In order to assess the potential impairment, e.g. due to noise, you should pay attention to possible sources in the vicinity. These can be commercial or agricultural operations that are regularly approached by trucks, but also busy roads or construction areas. Your local RE/MAX broker knows the region and can give you the information you need here.

Decision support with expertise for your property.

If you want to realize your personal dreams of your own four walls, our RE/MAX brokers have the right building land for you. In addition, thanks to experience and comprehensive expertise, we can provide you with optimal support and advice on individual factors. Thus, in addition to location and size, the factor of land slope should not be underestimated: While a level plot of land allows you to construct a building without a basement, you can hardly manage without a basement or cellar on a slight to medium slope. Of course, this is an excellent opportunity to include a granny apartment, for example, if this suits your ideas. How you imagine your property, discuss our RE/MAX brokers on site with you.

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