Commercial real estate - space for your business.

Whether it’s a commercial business, an office, a restaurant or a craft or industrial enterprise – you need the right rooms and spaces to realize your project. The requirements differ, of course. While a production company is perfectly located in an industrial park, since access for large vehicles is conveniently available here, the situation is completely different for a retail store or a catering business. Therefore, it is all the more important that you receive targeted advice from us. Together with your local RE/MAX commercial specialist, we will develop a suitable concept for the optimal location and equipment of your commercial property.

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Commercial real estate in a wide range.

Our range of commercial properties is as diverse as their type of use:

Office and practice.

If you want to open an office or a practice, it is advisable to choose commercial premises that are easy to reach and, if required, have sufficient customer parking spaces available. First get an overview of current offers at your local RE/MAX broker. But even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our real estate agents are here to help.


Retail stores.

Depending on the specific business concept, you will certainly have very specific requirements for the right retail store: In addition to size and floor plan, the location is likely to play the decisive role. Equally important, however, are the equipment and, of course, the appearance. Orientate yourself here to the current RE/MAX offers and provide the perfect framework for your project.



Gastronomic businesses have to meet numerous requirements, which makes it all the more important to choose the right commercial property: whether it’s a small trendy pub, a stylish bar or a traditional restaurant – we will be happy to assist you in your search for a suitable property. If our current offers do not contain the right property for you, please contact your local RE/MAX representative directly.


Commercial and warehouse buildings.

Do you need large warehouse space or a commercial hall where you can build your production line, then this category is for you. The commercial halls differ not only in terms of size, but especially in terms of equipment. As a rule, these commercial properties are located in designated industrial parks, which are conveniently connected in terms of transport. It’s best to see for yourself — our RE/MAX brokers can assist you.

Are you looking for a special commercial property or have you not found what you are looking for, then trust in our strong network: We draw on a strong community — and are happy to exploit this potential for you!