Renting real estate:

Our five tips for a successful search.

The search for a suitable rental property can be a long and arduous process. Particularly in metropolitan areas, not only are the rents being charged rising, but the competition in sought-after residential areas is also becoming increasingly fierce. How do you still manage to find a nice and affordable property? We have put together five helpful tips to make your apartment search easier.

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1. Create a profile:

Prioritize and create margins.

Create a profile of the requirements of the object you are looking for as precisely as possible and write it down. What size, how many rooms? Do you want to live centrally or quietly? Does it have to have a balcony/terrace? A daylight bathroom? How much rent can you afford? Tip: You should not estimate more than one third of your income. Then weight your desired criteria so that you have room for compromise.

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2. Real estate search:

On all channels or with broker?

If you decide to hire a competent broker, this will save you time and you will find the property you are looking for faster. Your broker knows the local market and, through his network, often has knowledge of properties that have not yet been published. This way you do not have to advertise on internet portals yourself. You will quickly realize that you need a lot of time to contact individual sellers or to make appointments. Your local RE/MAX broker will gladly take over this work for you.

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3. Visits:

Show up prepared.

If you have succeeded in getting a viewing appointment for a promising property, show up on time and prepared. Depending on the region, it may even be advantageous to prepare an “applicant portfolio” with proof of salary and rental debt-free certificate as well as Schufa information. This will increase your chances of standing out from the pool of viewing competition, which can make all the difference, especially in highly competitive cities like Cologne, Munich or Berlin.


4. Negotiations with the landlord:

Rely on your broker.

Thanks to the support of an estate agent, you can be sure that the asking rent is appropriate for the property and the location. He or she can also more quickly identify any deficiencies during a close inspection of the property and express them to the landlord in a friendly but firm manner.

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5. The lease:

Be sure to get expert advice.

With the final lease agreement, you form the basis for a long-term relationship with your landlord. In any case, have the contract reviewed by a knowledgeable expert. A real estate agent will be happy to take on this task. In particular, the treacherous clauses on minor and cosmetic repairs harbor potential for conflict. In the ideal case your RE/MAX broker has your desire object already in its offer portfolio. Otherwise he will find it for you promptly on the local market.