Jobs at RE/MAX Headquarters.

Are you interested in a career in the real estate industry and would like to work for RE/MAX Germany at the headquarters? We are always on the lookout for highly motivated colleagues who will take care of the further expansion of the brand within Germany and actively support our real estate offices in their further development and achievement of goals.

Please send your application to

The cover letter should be a maximum of one page long and contain the following information: Your goals and aspirations, your profile or specialty, special skills and experience, and your individual connection to the real estate industry.
On the one hand, a resume should be clearly structured and reader-friendly, but at the same time it should be complete, gapless and informative. A tabular format is recommended. Please also list the essential tasks for each position.

Please only attach certificates that are relevant to the position. Individual seminar certificates or complete theses are not relevant for our selection decision.

Please send us your documents in a merged PDF file. Thank you